Be a volunteer at SpiriTrust Lutheran Home Care & Hospice

Volunteers are the heart of a non-profit, faith based organization like SpiriTrust Lutheran® Home Care & Hospice. Our volunteers enjoy the role they play in caring for older adults and families in south central and northeastern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. They feel a great sense of personal satisfaction devoting their time and talents to helping others. An added benefit is that recent studies show volunteering results in lower rates of depression and less incidence of heart disease for the volunteer!

There are many opportunities to volunteer with SpiriTrust Lutheran® Home Care & Hospice.

If you want to volunteer one day a week, you could assist by:

  • Providing friendship and companionship to hospice clients.
  • Offering respite so family caregivers can run errands or take care of other personal business.
  • Offering support to a family throughout the 13-month bereavement period.

If you want to volunteer one day a month, you could help:

  • Share your time and talent to help our hospice clients. Ideas include providing aromatherapy, massage therapy, music, reading, and more.
  • Assist with office work, mailings, photocopying, filing, assembling information packets and other duties.
  • Help with fund raising and development programs.
  • If you want to volunteer one or two hours a month, you could:
  • Deliver or bake Bereavement Bread for our hospice families. A loaf of sweet bread is delivered by a volunteer approximately 2-3 weeks after a client's death. During the delivery visit, the volunteer offers condolences on behalf of hospice and recaps the availability of bereavement services.
  • Sew Memory Bears. Memory Bears are handmade for the family from cloth that belonged to the client such as a favorite flannel shirt or soft robe.

If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer please complete this form or contact us by phone at 800-840-9081 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..