Helping a Senior Loved One in PA Create an Emergency Kit

Over the past few summers, natural disasters have been a mainstay of the evening news. Tornados and floods can displace Pennsylvania seniors from their homes for many weeks. Because older adults often have health conditions, it is important that adult children and loved ones help them prepare ahead of time in case a crisis hits close to home. We thought it would help if we shared a few ideas on how to get started.

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Hospice Mythbuster Series Continues

Earlier this month we tackled three of the six most common hospice myths. We shared information on who can receive the care and support of hospice and for how long. This week we are finishing up the series with three more myths. Please share this information with friends and colleagues who might benefit from learning more about hospice care.

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Busting the Myths about Hospice Care in South Central Pennsylvania

One of the challenges of enlisting hospice care for a south central Pennsylvania loved one with a life-limiting illness is overcoming some of persistent myths about what hospice is and isn’t. From families to physicians, there is a considerable amount of confusion about hospice.

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Camp Evergreen

Camp Evergreen is a weekend long camp for bereaved children between the ages of 8 and 16 years who have experienced a recent death of a loved one within their family/community circle.  The camp is designed to mix traditional camp activities with others that are geared to help strengthen campers' coping abilities.

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Life Sustaining Treatment - Do Your Loved Ones Know What You’d Want?

Accidents and medical emergencies can occur suddenly to anyone at any age

Sadly, accidents and medical emergencies can occur suddenly to anyone at any age resulting in families having to face difficult end-of-life decisions. Imagine the shock and surprise of such an event occurring and then having to make life sustaining treatment decisions for your loved one.

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Easy Conversation Starter

You may not know what to say to your aging parents, but we can help you start the conversation.


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