7 Tips to Keep Seniors Safe from Identity Thieves

The Internet, social media, and technology in general have all made identity theft a growing problem. Seniors are often targeted for a variety of reasons. Experts say some of the more common ones include:

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Depression While Caring for Others: 9 Survival Tips for PA Caregivers

The constant physical and emotional demands caregiving creates often lead to caregivers feeling a little blue. Caring for another person isn’t easy. 

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5 Best Fall Prevention Tips for Caregivers

Every year, one in three seniors will experience a fall. If you talk with emergency department physicians and first responders they will confirm just how dangerous falls can be for older adults. They are the number one source of both fatal and nonfatal injury for seniors. As a family caregiver or the adult child of an aging loved one, what can you do to keep your loved one safe?

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Helping a Loved One Manage End-of-Life Anxiety

When someone receives a new diagnosis of a life-limiting condition or a chronic illness reaches its final stages, anxiety often makes the situation all the more difficult. Psychiatrists and spiritual care counselors agree that anxiety is a common struggle at the end of life. Hospice care can help patients and families manage that struggle in a variety of ways.

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Be Aware of These 4 Common Scams Against Elders

Unfortunately the aging population is a target for scam artists to make money. Elder Fraud seems to accelerate as the summer heats up. Crime prevention experts tell us the statistics on summer scams against seniors shouldn’t be ignored.

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Managing Alzheimer’s Disease at Home: Tips for Caregivers in South Central Pennsylvania

If a Pennsylvania senior loved one lives with Alzheimer’s disease, it may be hard not to worry about how safe they are living alone. But dementia experts tell us that maintaining independence for as long as is safely possible also helps to slow the progression of the disease.

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